This department provides comprehensive anaesthesia care, which includes preoperative, perioperative, postoperative and pain relief services. Post surgical intensive care is looked after by the Anaesthesiologist.


We provide excellent care in Cardiology through combination of highly skilled Doctors and advanced medical technology.

Emergency Care

We provide 24 hours emergency services with utmost care. The hospital is equipped with round the clock ambulance service. Trained paramedics are available to collect sick people from home, take up resuscitative measures etc.


This department of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery is well-equipped to handle any kind of ENT emergencies and has specialized staff to handle difficult surgical situations. The outpatient clinic is equipped with all diagnostic accessories including video endoscopy of nose, ear and larynx.

General Medicine

A fully functional unit with daily outpatients, inpatients and 24-hour emergency care. Fully trained experienced Senior Consultant Physicians and Junior doctors manage our daily work. The department offers total care, critical care, lifestyle rehabilitation etc. We also have a family physician at service who will be able to address your illnesses in case specialised care is not required.

General Surgery

With state-of-art facilities, this department offers Day Care surgeries, Laparoscopic surgery, Hernia surgery, Varicose vein care, radical and conservative breast surgery, Proctology (anal and perineal diseases care), Diabetic foot care etc.


The department offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with neurological disorders. Neurology deals with diseases related to brain, spinal cord, nerve roots, plexus, nerves, myoneural junction and muscles.


The hospital offers the most affordable knee replacement surgery in India. The department specialises in comprehensive care of trauma, Sports medicine, Arthroscopy, Tumor surgeries, Hand surgery, Hip and knee Joint replacements along with a variety of other procedures.


This department offers new born nursery, immunisation clinic, infectious diseases’ clinic, nutritional disorder clinic and also takes care of other childhood illnesses.


This department provides high quality laboratory services. All the pathology lab-tests are done through the computerization process. Well trained technicians render 24-hour services in the department.


This department offers conventional computerised X rays round the clock. It also offers high quality ultrasonogram examination and CT Scan.


The Department of Dermatology offers expert medical, surgical and cosmetic care for disorders of the skin, hair and nails. All types of skin disorders from common conditions like pimples to life threatening drug reactions and blistering disorders are treated with advanced and uptodate technology.