About Us

Our Vision : Hospital with a Conscience

Our Values : Trust, Dependability, Empathy, Teamwork

Even as medical science forges ahead at a breath taking pace, embracing advanced technology on multiple fronts, it is often felt that the essential values of compassion and empathy need to be restored. Athani Hospital was created with a view to bring healthcare to the needy in an ethical, compassionate way. It also aims to bridge the gap in advanced healthcare care in its immediate geography.

In the days of yore, roadside granite platforms called ‘Athani’ used to provide respite to travellers by taking over their loads. Today, ‘Athani’ is an oft-used expression for ‘willingly taking on another’s load’. Athani Hospital attempts to stay true to the values embedded in its name, by supporting the needy in their quest for affordable healthcare.

Responding to the high requirement for orthopaedic care in the region, Athani Hospital focuses on orthopaedics as its key speciality, led by Dr. Sathyanarayanan N, MBBS, D’Ortho, MS Ortho, DNB, PGDMLS. However, the hospital with almost 100 beds extends its care through all aspects of healthcare.

Athani Hospital endeavours to be a ‘Hospital with a Conscience’, bringing high-quality, affordable healthcare with compassion and empathy.

Athani Hospital is a division of Athani Charitable Trust (ACT). The Trustees of ACT are Subash Menon and Radhika Subash.